The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

March 20, 2005

Christmas 199?

With Dad and Matthew

With BJ & Jake (1981?)

Gold Bar with Jason

2007 in the Solarium

At Aaron's Birthday

Connie Leila Nonis

Connie Leila (Lundberg)

Nonis 1946-2008

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Jan-Mar 2008 - Mom's Passing

The early part of our year was completely

consumed with Mom's long stay in the

intensive care unit.  A few days before

Christmas, she had a heart attack and

wound up having double bypass surgery.

The day before Christmas everything

seemed fine.  Then complications ensued

related to the heparin blood thinner she

was receiving.  We believe she received

one of those "bad batches" of heparin from

China.  The next two months were a roller

coaster ride.  One day she would look

great and be smiling.  The next she could

barely breathe and did not seem to be

present.   She fought very hard to stay with

us and we are thankful that she cared

enough to do that.  But we are also joyful

that she finally joined God on March 6th,


Rather than a funeral, we had a day of

celebration a few weeks later.  We think

Mom would have liked the casual service,

and we are thankful for everyone who was

able to come and show their support.

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