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Wildlife Park in Sequim

Starting the Deck

Flaming Geyser ?!?!

Hurricane Ridge

By Cle Elum

Allyssa Starts to Smile

Family Reunion

Lola and Allyssa

Summer 2008

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Jul-Aug 2008 - Bonding, Staycations,

and the Deck

The first six months, Jason had a huge

project at work and took only a few days

off, all related to his Mom's death.  In May,

Liberty Mutual announced they would

purchase Safeco and many projects were

put on hold awaiting the outcome.  Jason

took advantage of the situation and took

off the month of July to bond with kids

and start the deck.

Lola joined us on two short three day trips

to Lake Chelan and Sequim, some trips to

local parks, enjoyed the family reunion,

and spent a lot of time changing diapers

and distracting Matthew.

Much of Jason's time was spent bonding

with his Dad the way guys do.  We

(mostly) finished a 16' by 50' deck.  The

materials came largely from two Trex

close-outs Jake and Dad found in 2005.

Since we used our own labor, we were

proud to have costs under $4,000 (so far).

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