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Christmas 2012 Update

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Hi Everyone,

We hope everything is going well in your

lives, you are in good health and enjoying

the wonderful world God made for us.  If

you want to say hi, our addresses are, where X = Lida, Jason,

Matthew (or Jerry) (take that spammer

auto-bots!).   Update in progress!

2012 Update

2012 was a huge year.  The kids went from

average age 4 years 3 months on 1/1/12 to

5 years 2 months as we write this.  When

Cassandra comes later this week, it drops

back down to 3 years 10 months again, and

we are outnumbered 2 to 1.  Luckily Lola

is visiting and Poppy is next door to help!

We took two trips out of the country this

year, to Mexico and the Philippines during

Jason's Spring down time at work.  The

rest of the year was filled with soccer,

weekend outings, school, and...well

generally life.  Feel free to page through

the pages either at the right or by

following the "next" link below.

If you are here, you are important to us, so

thanks for thinking of us during the

holidays and throughout the year.  We

hope life is treating you well and bringing

you all you desire.


Allyssa, Jason, Matthew, Michelle, Quinn,

and soon...Cassandra