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The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

On the Jungle Adventure

Swimming With


The beach by our time


Mommy/Daddy time.

Thanks Poppy!

Matthew and Allyssa

hanging out.

Working on a joint public

works project, Part 1

Working on a joint public

works project, Part 2

Mime #1

Puerto Vallarta

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Late February 2012 - Puerto Vallarta


This was the family's first trip to Puerto

Vallarta, and we loved it so much we plan

to go back every other year (the off-year's

from going back to the Philippines).   Since

it was our first time, we did as much fun

stuff as we could like the City/Jungle


Swimming with dolphins, was fun, but it

would help if any of us could swim.  Quinn

kept climbing over Daddy's shoulder

causing him to turn counter-clockwise all

the time.

There was a nice little water slide park

that had few attendees, so Matthew went

again and again and again.  But the kids

had the most fun in the hotel pool...they

spent almost every afternoon there...which

is good because next time we plan to really

relax and stay by the pool.

We got lucky and there was a little mini

mardi gras parade at the Puerto Vallarta

boardwalk.  You can see a couple mimes

that were out for the fun.

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