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The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Isn't he cute? (Which one,

the kid or the turtle?)

Freeing Freyda (spelled


Mealtime is always the best!

Our vacation cabin

Tabon Caves Entrance

Relaxing at Crystal Paradise


Michelle looking relaxed

Riding on the outrigger to

the islands


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Trip to Palawan

We loved Palawan so much the times we

have been there, we built a small vacation

home/rental on some property we

purchased. (Let us know if you want to

borrow it some time!)  The new plan is to

go there when we visit rather than explore

around the country.

Palawan has only about 1 Million people,

so it is rather sparsely populated,

generally untouched by human hands and

very peaceful and relaxing.   This trip we

decided to explore the area where our

cabin was built, near Aborlan/Narra.

The highlight was when we went to Isla

Arena (or as we call it "Turtle Island") and

got to see a baby turtle sanctuary.  For a

small donation, Allyssa got to free one of

the turtles, which she named "Free-da".

As much as we tried to convince her

otherwise, the official spelling  of "Free-

da" is A-L-L-Y-S-S-A.

We also went to the Tabon Caves, the

"Cradle of Philippine Civilization" where

evidence of early Filipinos was found

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