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Young Quinn




Christmas 2010 Update

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Hi Everyone,

If you are reading this, you either received

our Christmas message or have wandered

onto our web site because you were

thinking of us.  If it is the latter, please

send us your address so we can include

you in future Christmas cards.   Our

addresses are, where X =

Lida or Jason (take that spammer auto-

bots!).   We hope everything is going well

in your lives, you are in good health and

enjoying the wonderful world God made

for us.


Allyssa, Jason, Matthew, Michelle, and


2010 Update

2010 started with a long and very relaxing

Philippines trip in February followed by

lots and lots of "nesting" and wrapping up

with the arrival of Quinn.  Matthew

experimented a lot this year, taking

Baseball, T-Ball, Dance, Piano and Soccer.

So far it looks like Piano and Soccer are

winning out.   Meanwhile Allyssa causes us

to run around without any organized

events (usually chasing her down!).

Here are pictures from the Philippines

trip where Michelle was already looking

very pregnant.    (next page)