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The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Cassandra is coming soon!

I can fix the TV screen

Daddy :-)

Finally Matthew's first tooth

is out.

Now two...'s a stencil...

Princesses off the ice too

Morgan's Baby Shower

Now she is really addicted

Fall 2012

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October on...

By October, Mommy was getting really big

and we started becoming homebodies

pretty early again.  Halloween was fun and

Morgan's baby shower.

Matthew plays soccer pretty much year

round and Allyssa has taken up dance and

horseback riding.  She is doing really well

and may enter some riding competitions

next year.

Meanwhile Matthew usually plays goalie

for one half and does a great job.  The rest

of the game he rotates through many

positions, but it particularly good at

dribbling the ball past the opposing

players, weaving through three or four of

them at a time.

Now it is Christmas time and Cassandra is

coming soon.  Hopefully very soon her

pictures will be available under the "Baby

& Prior" link above.  Check back soon!

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