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Allyssa Gabriella Nonis     

(born April 5, 2008)

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April-Jun 2008 - Allyssa's Birth

Allyssa was due on May 11th 2008, but

surprised us coming five weeks early, and

just a few weeks after Mom's Day of

Celebration.   Now that we know her

better, we can see she has inherited

Jason's impatience and this urgency to

come out is not a surprise.  She was born 6

lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long.  Michelle

recovered very quickly and was happy to

have avoided a Cesarean this time!

Despite the usual "preemie" hurdles, we

left the hospital in just a few days.  Early

on Allyssa did not seem to eat enough, but

once she started we now know she really

loves to eat!  Luckily Lola (Michelle's

Mom, Ruth) arrived in just a few days and

helped immensely in adapting to having

twice as many kids.

In a rough year, Allyssa has been a

blessing and a joy for the family.  Thanks

Allyssa for coming to make our life so

complicated, interesting, happy, and fun!

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