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The Snowiest Winter

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Sep-Dec 2008 - Work and Snow

Starting in September, Safeco's sale

closed, so Jason's work started up again

with twice the normal load.  Meanwhile

Michelle worked triple time as Lola and

Daddy both abandoned her.  Instead of 3

adults for 2 children the ratio was 1 to 2!

Matthew starting pre-school brought field

trips and parties, lots of fun for mommy

(ever the party girl) and "Kiddo" too!

The snow started early and has continued

all winter.  This is the most snow we've all

seen in our lifetimes!  It hasn't so much

been the quantity, as the frequency.  Jason

also got stuck for two days on one of his

trips to Keene NH, but that's a story for

another time!

Thanks for reading our update.  We wish

you the very best in 2009.  We hope

everyone doesn't become too frightened

about the economy...we can only go up

from here!  As they say, "this too shall

pass", so what better time to start than the

beginning of Spring!  (prev) (next)