The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Held over in Japan.

The Garcia - De Lara


This will be the new

hot trend in 2010.

Good thing these

kids are so light!

Philippines Military


Triple Double Deckers

Going to an "Eco-Village"

is really roughing it!

Chinese Temple in Baguio

Philippines Trip - Baguio

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March 2009 - First Half of

Philippines Trip

This year cousins Carol, Randy, and Joan

joined Poppy and the rest of us on a trip to

the Philippines.  Our flight connected

through Tokyo, where hours before we

arrived, a UPS plane crashed.  These were

the first deaths in the history of Narita

airport, so no large planes were allowed to

leave and we were put up overnight by the

Airlines in a Tokyo hotel.  So now we can

say we've been to Japan!

After arriving late, we continued up to

Baguio, the "Summer capital of the

Philippines", where it is a cool 70 degrees

or so.  We visited the Philippine Military

Academy, Camp John Hay (where US

military prisoners were held in World

War II), and Bell Church, a Chinese


Baguio feels like a very small city, with

buildings attached to hillsides

precariously hanging over crevasses.

Unfortunately, during the rainy season

(after we left), windstorms did heavy

damage in this area.  But the region has

survived so many years of storms, we're

sure the strong local citizens will pull

through as strong as ever.

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