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Alligators in January,

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Riding an outrigger to the

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Baker's Hill in Puerto


I love my Poppy, and

the jungle is so beautiful

Allyssa's Baptism

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Philippines Trip                 

Palawan & Baptism

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April 2009 - Second Half of

Philippines Trip

After returning from Baguio, we went to

the remote island of Palawan on the Sulu

Sea.  There are less than 1 million people

on this island, often described as the last

frontier, as it is still largely undeveloped.

This is an island paradise with coconut

trees, mangos, cashews, white sand

beaches, monkeys and natural tropical


We took five separate tours while we were

there.  I think the best was the Honda Bay

tour where we got to go snorkeling in an

undisturbed coral reef, "swim with fishes",

and stop at several sandy beaches.  The

most novel was the underground river

tour.  After a long car ride, we took an

outrigger to a trailhead on a remote beach.

We saw monkeys and monitor lizards.  But

it was pretty spectacular going through the

actual "underground river" as well.

On another trip we saw crocodiles (the

Crocodilian species seemed to be theme

this year).  This time, while Matthew was

holding a baby one it tried to attack him!

We also stopped at Baker's hill, the Iwahig

Prison and Penal Farm, and stopped off at

the Puerto Princessa waterfront.  The

firefly tour was also very cool, though it

was a long trip for perhaps 5-10 minutes of

actual firefly viewing.

We loved Palawan so much, we definitely

are going back.  In fact, in February 2010,

we plan to visit again.

When we returned to Manila, we

celebrated Allyssa's baptism and first

birthday party with the extended family.

We also had Matthew's fifth birthday

celebration as well.

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