The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Gee Dad, this roller coaster

is fun!

Who's the real princess?

Patty, the new mommy.

A great walking


Princess Allyssa

The whole gang.

Ok, now really, the whole


San Diego Trip

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May 2009 - Visiting Ernie, Patty, and


We took advantage of cheap airfare to head

down and visit Michelle's "sister" Patty &

Ernie while their new daughter Kristine

was still 1 month old.  It was great to see

all the relatives again, since we had not

been there since 2006.

We stopped off at Legoland, which is really

a wonderfull place for a five year old!

Places like Disneyland seem primarily

focused on older kids, with rides adults can

enjoy too.  But Legoland was all about kids

7-8 and younger. Allyssa and Matthew had

a blast, and we definitely could have gone

two full days (we got there late both

mornings due to traffic).

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