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Our 10th Wedding


Kathleen, Jay, and costume.

Petty criminals at Fort


Can you stick the candy on

my horn?

Poppy has arms full with

Rocco and Allyssa.

In character....

Zoning out on a Saturday,

watching TV.

Sometimes TV is

a great peacemaker.

DC Trip & Winding Down

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September to December 2009 -

Visiting Jay, Michelle, EJ, Sean,

Josef, Charisse, Isaac, Ken, Crystal,

Lea & Mila, Kathleen, & Tita Nenette

Matthew started Kindergarten in

September.  He seems to like hanging

around with all the girls (and vice versa),

so he was married before the first week

was over!  He's enjoying doing all the

normal Kindergarten things...drawing,

writing, science, etc.

Michelle and Jason celebrated their 10th

wedding anniversary in September.

Michelle arrived in the states on February

14, 2001, so we'll have to celebrate again

in a couple years!

In late October, we went the Washington

DC area for the first time since 2002.

Matthew and Allyssa were able to trick or

treat with their second cousins, EJ and

Sean.  The weekend was pretty relaxing,

just spending time with friends and family.

Everyone was sick at one time or another,

but we still enjoyed it a lot.

On the last few days, we separated from

family.  Jason was able to visit some old

friends, Maury, Lew and Heidi.  We also

visited the Smithsonian museum.  The

Museum of History and Industry was

great.   We spent a day in Baltimore and

saw Fort McHenry (where the Star

Spangled Banner was written) and visit the

inner harbor.

One way Michelle and Matthew bond is

watching "so you think you can dance".

Matthew liked it so much he signed up for

classes at the local dance studio in the fall

and will be in a recital in December.  They

also went to see the "So You Think You

Can Dance" team when they came to town

in November.

It's been a good year, and we are looking

forward to the next decade.  Love to

everyone and look forward to another

update next year! :-)

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