The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Quinn always  

seems happy.

Do you like my outfit?

What's missing 

from this picture?

Ahh...found it!

Here comes the Bison.

Let's feed it!!

Bison drool....

gross, but lots of fun!

Alison and Ben's 

Baby Shower

Beaches in the northwest

are great to explore.

Winter 2011

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January 2011 - Homebodies

Early January the Seahawks were in the

playoffs and Jason got to see the famous

Beast run against New Orleans with cousin

Doug.   Meanwhile, Michelle was throwing

a baby shower for Alison and Ben that was

a big success.

Allyssa loves dressing up and is very proud

of her wardrobe and fashion sense.  But

she is also very independent.  She was sure

she could give herself a better haircut than

the hairdressers!   She is also very

practical and did not like her bangs in her


February 2011 - Sequim Trip

We decided to do a "staycation" and used to rent a local house on the

peninsula.  The Olympic Game Farm is

open year round up there and is always

lots and lots of fun.  But be ready to get a

car wash afterwards.  We took a trip to the

beach as well.  It was a fun trip, but in

retrospect, we recommend getting some

place a little warmer and fun in the winter.

In other words, we missed the Philippines.

Most of our time was spent watching the

kids grow and getting daily laughs as they

learned about life and how to have fun.

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