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These water slides


I prefer to stay in

the sun Mommy.

Ohme Gardens

a real oasis

Confluence State Park


Rocky Reach Dam

Science Experiment 1

Rocky Reach Dam

Science Experiment 2

4th of July

Ice Cream Fight!!

Quinn's First

Bouncy House

Summer Trip

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4th of July in Wenatchee

After our winter experience in Sequim, we

decided to go where it would be sunny for

sure...Eastern Washington.  And it was

beautiful, sunny, and hot!

The water slides in Lake Chelan are a

great deal...but get there early if you go.

Matthew had great fun, but still shivered.

We highly recommend Ohme Gardens, a

real oasis in the area.  We stopped at

Rocky Reach Dam twice.  You can see in

the pictures that we had more fun at the

little park there than in the actual dam,


We spent the actual 4th of July in

Wenatchee Park in downtown Wenatchee.

All in all it was a fun five days away from it


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