The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Bothell Train Ride

Riding at Camel

At Point Defiance

Quinnell enjoying the

water at PDZA


The goat touched me!


Or Punk Rocker?

Do the Puyallup!

The kids are doing fine

on the rides at the fair...

...but Daddy doens't

look so good!

Late Summer Seattle

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September 2011 - Fairs and Zoos

September is often the prettiest month in

Seattle.  I think there is a reason the

University of Washington always starts

school so late in the year!

This year some of our staycation trips

included Country Village in Bothell where

you can ride the little train, the Point

Defiance Zoo and Aquarium (PDZA), and

the Puyallup fair.   At PDZA, the older kids

got to ride a camel and the younger kids

played in the fountain.   Quinn really loved

the meerkats, to the point we sometimes

throw Meerkat Manor on Netflix to calm

him down now.

Allyssa was just old enough to start

enjoying the fair rides, with Matthew

itching to grow an inch to he could go on

the bigger rides.

We also took one trip to Emerald Downs

where the kids got to play laser tag, ride a

pony, do bouncy houses, and Mommy/

Matthew got wax hands.  Meanwhile, by

the fourth race Daddy had won enough to

pay for the food and entrance fee, so we

left while we were ahead!

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