The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Ok coach,  

we understand!

Matthew's first

science experiment.

What a pretty


Just like her mother...

(bonus points for Quinn!)

Happy Birthday


Do you like our fort?

(The garage version)

Quinn's First Easter

Matthew has a solo

(not pictured)

Early Spring 2011

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March 2011 - School and Soccer

Soccer started in March, and Matthew

really loves it.  He has tried soccer for a

several seasons now and this feels like "his

game".  He not only listens to the coach

but helps out his teammates.  Meanwhile

Allyssa took some dance classes, but we

aren't sure it's "her thing" yet.

Matthew and Daddy worked on a Hot

Wheel experiment, but Daddy was on the

road for the presentation so Mommy took

the baton.  School and related activities

kept us busy.

April 2011 - Allyssa Turns Three

Allyssa's princess party went very well.

She had lots of friends over, and although

she has Daddy's shyness, she was a

gracious host.

Much of our time was spent trying to put

our garage to use.  When Jason was

growing up, his parents had a cabin in the

mountains, and the garage feels much the

same.  When we go there, we forget about

the world.  The kids become more creative

and actually play together (for a while)...

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