The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Matthew Turns Seven

Allyssa's First Trip

to the Dentist

Folklife Festival

Face Painting 1

Folklife Festival

Face Painting 2

We both want Poppy!

The Warmest Day so far...

and we hike in the snow?!?

This is even more

important than the




Some Photos

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May 2011 - Matthew Turns Seven

Matthew's birthday usually hits on pretty

nice weather and this year worked well

too.  He had a "racing car" theme to his


We also made it to the folk life festival

over Memorial Day, which was as fun as


June 2011 - Waiting for Summer

June in Seattle is pretty rainy and spring-

like.  We did have a nice warm day on June

4, so we went for a hike.  Unfortunately,

we took the wrong trail, didn't see the falls

and instead when three miles through a

bunch of snow!  Google maps only goes so


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