The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Captain Matthew...

...and 1st Mate Allyssa

Allyssa - Glam Pic!

Allyssa - Glum Pic!

Kindergarten Grad!

Peanut at 34 Weeks!

Summer 2010

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More Family Bonding

Tita Betty, Tito Jess, Mark and Andre

came to visit in June, while Jason took a

trip to Boston for work. Matthew got a

chance to help guide the Seattle Ducks

(last year it was the Ft Lauderdale

Ducks!), with help from Allyssa.  Mark and

Andre took lots of glam pictures of

Allyssa, so she is all set for her acting

career (just kidding, she seems more likely

to be an engineer the way she tinkers).

As July passed, Michelle became more and

more ready to see "peanut" in person.  The

ultrasound to the left was taken at 34

weeks, but the gestation age was 38 weeks

2 days.  The doctor said peanut was

gaining 1/2 pound a week and was  7

pounds, 2 oz.

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