The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Uncle BJ coming to visit

Quinn...time to come out

Pretty please!?

Family Reunion

& Video Tournament

Michelle in good spirits pre-


Getting Some

Mommy Time

These new strollers

are awesome!

Halloween early keeps

the kids distracted.

Poppy helping out

with Allyssa.

Arrival of Quinn

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The Mighty Quinn (you know...from

the song?)

August started with Mommy really ready

for Quinn to come out.  We had scheduled

a c-section, "just in case", but nobody

thought Quinn would wait that long.

However, he was much more patient than


We had our 18th annual friends and family

reunion, but the weather was pretty bad,

so we spent more time in the house than


Quinnell Grahamme Nonis was born on

8/13/2010 (Friday the 13th, our lucky

day!) at 8:28 AM (@39 weeks).   He was 9

lbs 5.2 oz, 20 inches long and his head was

14.5 inches in circumference.

The operation went quickly, although

Quinnell was big enough it took a lot of

work for the doctor to get him out, so

everyone agreed it was a good idea he

went c-section.  Click here for his baby


The rest of August is a bit of blur, with lots

of visitors, getting back into "baby mode",

but also trying to keep the older kids

entertained.  Matthew seemed to relish his

role of Kuya (oldest brother), but Allyssa

found herself still caught in the

middle...wanting to do everything

Matthew was allowed to do, but still wear

diapers and have Mommy all the time.

She's a brave girl though, and is finally

adapting to her new role as "Ate" (oldest


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