The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Tree Stump - Before

Tree Stump - After

Is that level enough for


Digging Holes - Yay!  They

missed our power, water,

and cable!

Them are some tall posts!

Them are some tall ladders!

Done!! (Inside)

Done!! (Outside)

Our New Garage

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Nesting Supreme!!

It seems like each of our kids has brought

some kind of project.  With Matthew we

built our house...with Allyssa we added a

deck, and with Quinn we added a garage.

We had two rooms in our house taken up

with the kind of stuff most people stick in

garages (Christmas stuff, hand-me down

clothes, supplies, luggage in waiting, etc.).

With the economy down, it seemed like a

good time to put in a garage and free up

those rooms for the growing kids.  It took

a lot longer than we expected however (for

a simple post frame building), as we

signed the contract mid-April and the final

checklist was sent just before


It's really a large garage, almost the floor

area of our house.   It still has no heat, no

electricity, and we don't even have the

ramp poured.  But we were able to carve

out a true "kids" room in the house and

still keep a "Den" and guest room.  So feel

free to pop by for a visit (if you can handle

three crazy kids!).

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