The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Daddy-Quinn time

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Lola and Quinn are best


Poppy helping with Allyssa

Our 11th Wedding


Frodo Matt (Ringbearer for

Jake & Morgan's Wedding)

What a Cute Pirate!

Lola and mga apo

Goodbye Lola!  We will

miss you here in Seattle!

The Blurry Autumn

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Fall with a "Full House"

Everyone we talked to with more than

two kids told us the third one was really a

much bigger change than the first two.

Turns out they are right!

We spent several months in late summer

and early fall just trying to get through

day-to-day life.   We were blessed to have

the help of two wonderful grandparents.

Michelle's mom, Quinn's Lola, stayed with

us through Halloween and helped juggle

the kids until Quinn was 3.5 months old.

We would not have survived without her!

Jason's dad, Quinn's Poppy, lives next door

and also stops by for frequent kidsitting

and sanity saving. Extended family helped

out as well.  It's amazing how a generation

ago, the five kids in Jason's family were on

the high end, but not too unusual in the

US, but now only three kids seems to

garner almost as much attention.

Michelle and Jason still managed to go to

almost all the Seahawks games together.

It's too noisy for Quinn, so we left him

with a sitter or family much earlier than

the other two kids.  And of course the kids

went trick-or-treating in August.

In the meantime, Jason was able to fit in

two work trips to the east coast, and only

take 5 days  of vacation in the first three

months Quinn was born.

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