The Nonis Family Gallery (Jason, Michelle & Kids)

Matt's Soccer Award

Going to the Seahawks

Game with Daddy (and

Matthew's first date!)

We aren't used to this

much snow in Renton!

Allyssa really isn't used to

the snow!!!

I've got Santa cornered. 

Now I'm sure to get the

presents I want!

Matthew the red-nosed


I love my new toy!

(What a good big brother)

Ate: This is really cool!

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November & December 2010

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Winter Arrives

Matthew and Allyssa have kept up some

activities since Quinn's arrival. Matthew

really loves soccer and practicing Piano

and Allyssa does dance and crafts.  But

these activities start to wind down as

winter approaches.  This year (as everyone

in the Seattle area knows) we were hit by a

severe snowstorm near Thanksgiving.

Allyssa had her first chance to play in the

snow, and we all had lots of fun.....for

about 30 minutes.  Then it was inside for

hot chocolate and movies.

December involved a lot more sticking

around the house and just trying to keep

up with things.  It's amazing how much

tougher the "logistics" are when you have

to load three kids in the car....though they

do all seem to calm down after the car is

going.  Every day the kids get older (and

errrr Wiser?) life gets better.  Allyssa is

talking in longer sentences and starting to

see how she fits in and Quinn is doing the

normal baby things (like sleeping through

the night!!).  Allyssa & Matthew's activities

generate community involvement and

keep us busy.

2010 has been a great year and we look

forward to 2011.  Click next below if you

want to see details on our Garage project.

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