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February 2010 - Philippines Trip

Maybe it had to do with the economy, but

we had no first time visitors accompany us

to the Philppines this year.  We still had

an awesome time, but it is a lot more fun

when we can share it with others.  So, if

you are interested in going, let us know in

time for our 2012 trip.  We won't be going

in 2011 because we want to focus on our

new "full house".

This year we went back to Palawan, then

took a short flight over to Cebu, which was

our launching place for a ferry ride to

Bohol.   Bohol is a great tourist

destination, where we saw dolphins,

tarsiers, the Chocolate Hills, and the

Loboc River among other sites.

After Bohol, we stayed briefly in Cebu,

before returning to Palawan.  Since we

bought some land in Palawan, the trip

there was rather uneventful....playing on

the beach and enjoying each other's


After returning to Manila, we decided to

finally tour Manila, since Jason and the

kids had not done that before.  We went to

the Manila Eco Park, the Manila Water

Park, and Star City.   All in all, it was a

relaxing, fun trip...we can't wait to go back


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